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A lot of real estate agents will accept working with people who treat them badly. What drives this mindset and how does it delay your success? How do you raise your standards so you filter out the bad? How do you start attracting the clients you actually want? On this episode, we are joined by Amy Broghamer who shares how she is able to close 95% of her prospects.

You’re never going to get to a place of abundance if you haven’t put the standards in place. – Amy Broghamer

Three Things We Learned


Facebook is always going to boost Live video and native content more

When you upload on Facebook, remember that Live video performs way better than pre-recorded video. It’s also important to avoid making people click outside of Facebook because native content is what the platform encourages.


Set your parameters upfront

Your working relationship with clients is greatly determined by the standards and boundaries you set right at the start. That’s why it’s so necessary to be clear and firm about what works for you. Don’t underestimate the power of pacing and setting expectations.


Setting Standards is how you get to abundance

Most newer agents feel like they need to work with anyone and everyone to get their business up and running. The problem with this is you will stay where you are because you’ll be distracted and tied up with the wrong kinds of clients. Setting standards from the start will nip this problem in the bud, and create abundance.

Key Quotes

We vastly underestimate how much the other person wants to be led. – Matt Johnson

The people who stay in the business have figured out a way to make sure they get paid and how to identify the type of people that are going to make it happen. – Amy Broghamer

People hire a real estate to guide them to success, and you stepping up and leading them is a huge part of the process. If you keep finding yourself dealing with the worst clients, it’s time to reevaluate your process and start setting higher standards right from the start. You’ll never get to a place of abundance until you stop distracting yourself with clients that don’t get you paid and don’t help you get to your goal. Your initial encounters with a client will set the tone for the whole process, so set up higher standards and adhere to them.

Guest Bio

Amy is a Realtor based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her selling background is one of her major strengths as a realtor, along with her ability to be direct and honest with her clients as well as caring for their needs as she guides them through what can be an overwhelming time in their lives. Go to for a free download or find Amy B. Experience Success on Facebook.


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