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Most agents have no idea what sets them apart from the rest, and they are conditioned to not differentiate. Why is it so important to know what makes you a uniquely qualified service provider? What is the most powerful tactic you can use to build rapport? How do you finish the year strong and hit the ground running in 2018? On this episode, we are joined by coach Don Cunningham, who answers these questions and other questions from the audience.

If I’m equal to my competition, what do I have to offer besides price?– Don Cunningham

Three Things We Learned


When you’re competing with other agents use questions to stand out

If a prospect tells you they’re still interviewing other agents, use this an opportunity to ask questions about whether there’s something they want in another agent that you haven’t covered in the conversation. Better yet, empower yourself right from the start by asking what you would want them to cover in the presentation.


Build rapport first

Want to avoid putting the prospect off? Try building rapport before you go in for the kill. Rapport building gives you the right to have the conversation about why they should hire you, and you will be able to provide information that actually resonates with the client.


Use this time wisely

The natural instinct at this time of the year is to take a more laid back approach but this is actually a good time to nurture relationships and set yourself up for some leads next year. It’s more acceptable at this time of the year to make connections with your past clients and sphere of influence so send a festive-themed card or communication.  

Key Quotes

What are you doing to better yourself as a person, and how can you apply that to the business you’re running? – Don Cunningham

The people that build deep personal connections with people those are the ones that win.– Matt Johnson

No matter what position you’re in, you have to find a way to differentiate yourself, and it can’t be that you’re better because that just won’t work. One way you can set yourself apart is by building genuine connections with people. As things get more technologically advanced and individually customizable, the personal relationship has become more important. It’s much easier to execute the search and the transaction, but that doesn’t mean you should put relationships on the back burner. Remember, it’s the people that understand how to quickly build deep personal connections that are killing it.

Guest Bio

Dan Cunningham is the founder of Fidelity Coaching, a premier partner for increasing, professional results through individual and group coaching.  They do this by leveraging experience, accountability, technology, innovation, improvement of all skill sets, and empowerment. Go to or email for more information.


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