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People tend to use to-do lists as crutches to avoid actually getting into action. How do you stop this from happening by reducing your list to essentials? How do you become more specific about getting referrals? Why is it so important to build celebration into your process? On this episode, one of our favorites, James Colburn is back to talk about generating referrals.

The point is having those crucial conversations with people with clarity on what you’re looking for.– James Colburn

Three Things We Learned


There’s a difference between stated goals and subconscious goals

The reason people tend to rebel against themselves and the goals they set is that the goals don’t align with the goals they set subconsciously. In this case the subconscious will always win.


Ask yourself how you’re going to build celebration into your routine

The celebration aspect of our business is lacking, but it’s something that you should install in your process. Your job isn’t just toil, and if you can have celebration in your life, it becomes the carrot that pushes you forward.


Don’t Base Actions on Feelings

It’s a massive mistake to live your life based on feelings, because they are fleeting and can be affected by so much. Your feelings have nothing to do with reality, so learn to get outside of them so your routines aren’t affected.

Key Quotes

This business becomes massively easy when we start doing the things we don’t want to do. – James Colburn

It’s the sum total of everything you do that rewards you in your business. – James Colburn

The entire job of being a real estate agent is one thing, and one thing only. It’s being in front of people that want to buy or sell or know someone that wants to. This is what you should focus on, and it’s powerful to put your skin in the game and commit to the process. When it comes to getting referrals learn to be specific about what you’re looking for, and be bold when you ask. You will be surprised by how much business you can generate this way.

Guest Bio

James Colburn is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, consulting and sales. He is also the author of RESUCCEED and creator of the EPIC EVENING RITUAL. Go to for more information or to download a chapter of his book.


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