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Successful prospecting requires you to establish rapport within a fraction of a second. What kind of script can you use to do this? How do you learn to qualify a prospect’s “no”? Why are self-generated leads better than purchased ones? On this episode, James Festini shares how he gets into beast mode to prospect at a high level.

You can either become a prospector or a passive recipient.– James Festini

Three Things We Learned


Self generated leads are better than purchased leads

It’s better to have leads that you worked hard for that are self generated, instead of leads that you’ve purchased. The competition for purchased leads is way higher than the competition for leads you got on your own.


Having a lot of leads gets rid of fear


If you’re afraid of lead generation and follow up, you probably don’t have enough leads. Once you build a database of many leads, you can move on quickly if one doesn’t pan out. If you don’t have a lot, you fall into the scarcity mindset and struggle. When you get to about 300 self-generated leads, you will be able to dial into your database and make appointments.  


Social media is important to stay relevant, but don’t oversell

Wearing a logo without looking like you’re selling is not easy. You have to bring value and make the content less about your business. You have to be creative, and have an artistic voice to try and stay relevant without making it all about yourself.  

Key Quotes

It’s about being a personality with a brand without being completely douchey. – James Festini

If you are going to take telephone prospecting seriously you need a database of no less than 40 000 numbers.– James Festini

People don’t like prospecting because it exposes them to rejection, but if you work the system, it will produce results for you. Using a quicker script will help you escape the market’s short attention span, and if every part of the script has weight, it will be more effective. Think of yourself as an internet pop-up, you have about 10 seconds to capture attention and you have to grab the prospect with a strong headline and offer.

Guest Bio

James is an agent who has been serving Southern California since 1993. To get in touch, email To watch his coaching videos go to or follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat


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