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A lot of people want to double their business, but because they don’t have a solid reason behind it, they fail. How do you go about giving more weight to your goals and aspirations? Why is mindset, discipline and habit so much harder than everything else in business? How can you set goals your subconscious will agree with? On this episode, we are joined by Andy Scherer and one of his top clients Heather Winser, to talk about planning for more business going into 2018.

You’re either unweaving habits that are holding you captive or building up habits that propel you forward.– Andy Sherer

Three Things We Learned


Consistency builds up over time

The cumulative effect of doing small things consistently over time is important. It’s not about the big leaps, it’s about the small daily habits that contribute to success in the long term. Everything will fall into place once you start to make certain changes.


Learn where you need to start for the next year

If you’re trying to start working towards next year’s goals at the end of the year, it’s too late. It’s important to start building towards your future results before the year ends. You should start thinking about the next year around October at the latest.


You have to set goals that resonate with your subconscious

There’s a lot of goal setting that’s done based on what people think or what we think we should want, but our subconscious does not agree with it, so we fail. We set goals with our conscious mind, but our subconscious mind isn’t on the same level so it rejects it.

Key Quotes

We’re very bad at creating affirmations that are in agreement with our subconscious. – Matt Johnson

If you do the work, business is going to come from one source or another.– Heather Winser

A lot of people track the business more than their actual life, but the business is the simple part. The things that really matter and propel us forward are mindset, discipline and habits. Implementing those things everyday is harder, and that’s why we have to follow them closely. It’s so necessary to raise the psychological necessity behind your goals so that you won’t break the promises you make to yourself. This will allow you break down your goals into strategic milestones, which will bring intention to every single day of your life.

Guest Bio

Heather is one of Wisconsin’s most awarded Realtors. She’s twice been named the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s “Realtor of the Week,” and has been named a 5-Star Best in Client Satisfaction by Milwaukee Magazine. Go to 414.659.0932


Andy is a coach at Pillar 9 Coaching. As leader and change agent, he has been able to successfully implement communication strategies, operations management, social program design, marketing integration, community collaborations, and engagement initiatives. Get in touch , call 203.257.5279 or find him on Facebook, or sign up for his new coaching program at


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