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When most agents are asked what makes them different from other agents, they struggle to answer because they aren’t actually doing anything differently. How do you script your answer and handle this objection? How do you use marketing to obliterate this objection before it even comes up? How do you pre-dispose people to working with you? On this Q&A episode, we tackle these and many other questions.

Your marketing gets people to show up to that phone call or appointment pre-interested, pre-motivated and predisposed to working with you.– Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


Your voice and tonality should always reflect confidence not doubt and fear

When many people ask a prospect a question or try to go for the business, they do so with an upswing in their voice. This immediately makes you sound unsure of yourself, and that makes it hard for any prospect to take you seriously, and think you’re capable. Speak with definition and confidence to avoid this.


Sales helps you deal with objections in the moment, marketing gets rid of them in advance

There are two ways to handle objections, sales and marketing. Use sales to handle the objection in the moment, using a script or asking them questions to find out what they value. Marketing helps you lay the groundwork to take care of objections way before the appointment so that you are the prospect’s most logical choice. This is where things like content marketing come into play.


Use curiosity to learn how to better serve your prospects

Objections and questions from your prospects provide an opportunity for you to actually learn more about them and their needs. Ask them what their past experiences with agents were like, and what matters most to them in the service they are seeking. This information empowers you to give them the service they want based on what they prioritize.

Key Quotes

Stay in a state of curiosity and consistently ask questions.– Greg McDaniel

A lot of objections don’t come up if your marketing is on point.– Matt Johnson

Your clients are looking for someone who is confident and assured to walk them through the process of buying or selling. They want someone who can actually support them when it comes to going forward into the negotiation phase. That’s why it’s so crucial to reflect confidence and experience in your communication. Use marketing to build your credibility and provide the social proof that immediately gets rid of their doubts. Use sales to ask for the business and show that you’ve got what it takes to help them reach their goals.


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