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Agents are making the fatal mistake of putting lead generation on the back burner in favor of client service. What mindset and attitude causes this mistake? What is the dirty secret successful entrepreneurs don’t share? Why is it so necessary to have clarity and intention when it comes to setting your goals? On this episode, we are joined by Gene Volpe and Andy Scherer for a high value smackdown.

The reason people fail to make their swim for the English channel isn’t because the swim is too difficult, it’s because they can’t see through the fog.– Andy Scherer

Three Things We Learned


Lead generation should always be your first priority, before client service

When people don’t prioritize lead generation and designate it to time slots that are never avaiable, it’s because the burning desire for clients isn’t causing enough pain for them to take action, and there isn’t enough pain or pleasure in doing something to push forward. To overcome this, you have to increase the psychological necessity behind it by making it non-negotiable.


The dirty little secret in entrepreneurship is that a lot of ultra-successful people have gone through bankruptcy

It’s not talked about enough in the entrepreneurship conversation, but behind every mega-successful person is a story of overcoming struggles like bankruptcy, failure and intense hardship. All the people we look up to had to power through all of that to get to where they are.


If you don’t know how to set a goal for a project always bring it down to a number

You can’t successfully break down and work towards any goal unless it has a number attached to it. For some projects, it can be hard to really pin down that number, so instead, boil it down to a time that you set and strictly set to work on something.

Key Quotes

Your story, your legacy is going to be about the obstacles that you overcome, and the speed bumps that you blew over.– Andy Sherer

Back in the day if you didn’t have a Facebook account it was smart, now if you don’t have a Facebook page people wonder what you’re hiding.– Gene Volpe

Everyone wants the end goal of success, but they don’t understand the difficulties they have to go through to get there. When you’re in a difficult situation, you have to tap into your greater self, and your mind will find its way out of it. When life is fighting you, it creates a sense of urgency, but we should be able to have this urgency, even when you’re not being challenged. Learn to anticipate obstacles and visualize through the fog that you will experience.


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