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Most Realtor Facebook pages have less that 500 people following them. How does this take away from your social proof? Why is the global mindset important on Facebook? How do you go about improving your Facebook business page so that it impacts your actual business? On this episode, Nick Sakkis is back to share more winning Facebook strategies.

There are so many benefits of having more followers and more engagement on your business page from a paid cost perspective. – Nick Sakkis

Three Things We Learned


Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook

When you post to Facebook, don’t make the mistake of posting something that goes to an external site. Create content that is especially crafted for Facebook, because Facebook rewards people who keep their content within their platform.


it’s not enough to just post and let it sit, you have to engage

Facebook is a living, breathing platform that functions like the real world. Relationships require regular engagement, so when you put out content, you have to make sure it doesn’t just sit. Engage with people who are liking and commenting – Facebook likes this a lot.


Don’t underestimate the social proof of having thousands of likes on your page

When you sit in front of potential clients and show them that your Facebook page has thousands of followers, this gives you instant credibility and instant social proof. Sometimes it is even more powerful than a five-star rating because you will be so far ahead of other agents.

Key Quotes

Think outside the little sandbox of your market, Facebook is global.– Nick Sakkis

If you can make people laugh, use it, it’s a really big strength– Nick Sakkis

Facebook is the largest biggest platform for what we do, so if you’re going to wrap your arms around one thing, make it Facebook. Your database is the key to your entire business, and most of those people are on the platform. Your entire business is about having conversations, and if you can do this by actually engaging with people, you will be very well rewarded.

Guest Bio

Nick is the co-founder of the Sakkis Group, Nick acquired his real estate license in 2005 where he worked for Prudential Tropical Realty. Nick was born and raised in South Tampa, attending local schools, including St. John’s Greek Orthodox Day school, Plant High School and Hillsborough Community College. Growing up as a two sport athlete Nick developed a strong sense of what it takes to win and be successful. He has brought that same level commitment and perseverance to his real estate business. Go to for more information or join his Facebook group Real Estate Marketing Rockstars


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