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Whenever your problem is “I don’t have enough clients” it’s a sales and marketing problem. How do you solve this problem and build and nurture your database? How do you make your goals easier to follow through on? How do you position yourself as an expert in your industry? On this episode, we are joined by Scott Sillari who shares on building your database the right way.

Demonstrating your expertise is such a crucial component of not only what the client needs to feel confident about working with you, it’s also a crucial component of what the agent needs to feel confident in reaching out and building their database. – Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


Whenever you set a goal, pin a number to it

For a goal to really mean something to you, you have to actually tie it to numbers. It doesn’t even have to be a big number, even just the number of minutes you spend on lead nurture. Whenever you set a goal, pin a number to it and commit to meeting those numbers.


If you’re having a lead problem, you have to start focusing on the relationships you’re building

Most people who are struggling to generate leads face this specific challenge because they aren’t building enough relationships through sales and marketing. The more outbound conversations you are able to have, the higher your chances of getting leads are.


People run away from building systems because it is more work on the front end

Most people don’t want to take the time to build a system upfront because there’s a fear of it working and then having to build a system that will bring more leads than they can handle. Any agent will be interested in a tactic that will get them one more find, but there’s a much smaller pool of people who are interested in a system that will flood them with clients because they don’t want that.

Key Quotes

You have to think about what you’re doing to your business five years from now by not doing the things you need to be doing now. – Scott Sillari

If you’re having a lead problem, you have to start focusing on the relationships you’re building.– Scott Sillari

All marketing and sales is is conversations that lead to relationships. If you are honest, transparent, genuine and authentic, you will get through the clutter and people will connect with you. Demonstrating your expertise shows your credibility and also boosts your confidence in building a database. You have to have enough outbound conversations with new people to build those relationships by providing value. It’s also important to tie your goals to numbers so you can commit to them.

Guest Bio

Scott is a Business Development, Video Marketing, Video Lead Generation expert at Vyral Marketing. Go to or for more information.


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