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The real estate business tends to attract people who are trying to get away from structure, but the only way to have freedom is to actually have a good structure. How do you go about building the routines that lead to good habits? Why is ego the wrong motivation for starting a real estate team? What is so powerful about asking someone why three times? On this episode, we talk to James Coburn about his book, and how he uses structure to find freedom.

It’s easy to be a top producing agent because there’s no one else doing it right now. – James Colburn

Three Things We Learned


To level up in your mastery, your ego has to go away

Ego is a great boosting off place for a new agent but it just doesn’t work long term. When ego is your motivation it means you won’t grow. Ego has to stop because once you have it, you stop being humble enough to learn.


If an office is providing enough of a challenge you feel like there’s growth

People will stay in a team as long as they see themselves growing. When an office starts failing you from a cultural standpoint or from the growth standpoint, that’s where you’d start looking.


Structure creates habits and habits create freedom

A lot of people get into the business looking for freedom but they don’t understand that freedom only comes at the tail end of a good structure. The only way to get freedom is to actually have some kind of structure to your daily life, and in real estate it’s all about focusing your structure on connections.

Key Quotes

You only should be a team when you have so many leads you don’t have enough time to manage them.– James Colburn

The only way to get freedom is to actually have some kind of structure to your daily life.– Matt Johnson

For you to truly extract the autonomy and freedom that comes with running your own business, you have to actually create structure because this will breed good habits. Real estate provides you with a measure of freedom in your schedule. Focus your structure around connection and conversation, and this will lead you to more clients and business. In order to know that you’re capable of something don’t look at what you’ve done in the past, step into the future and stop trying to connect all the dots before you do something.  

Guest Bio

James Colburn is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, consulting and sales. He is also the author of RESUCCEED and creator of the EPIC EVENING RITUAL. Go to for more information or to download a chapter of his book.


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