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Most agents overestimate the relationship they have with a client, and not doing enough follow up makes them lose that contact. What relationship building model can you implement to stay top of mind? What is the biggest barrier systems and detail oriented people have to cross in order to start playing in their strengths? How can high S and C individuals handle the people-oriented requirements of the job? On this episode, the great Glenn Twiddle is back to share more of his high level sales tactics.


People don’t make it in real estate because it’s hard to be a people person when you need to be and hard to be a robot that doesn’t care when you don’t need to be. – Glenn Twiddle


Three Things We Learned

Real estate is a fine balance between being a people’s person and being able to handle the rejection that comes with that

You have to ask yourself if you are enough of a people person that when you get that one contact you can communicate with them and close the deal. But you also have to be able to tolerate the rejection so that it doesn’t derail you.


Sales and marketing skills are important, but high operations skills are required to level up

For a real estate agent to be able to level up and become an entrepreneur, and for them to start bringing in an income above $500k, the required skills become less about sales and more about systems and team building. Agents who can get to this point become very successful.


80% of your sales are going to be made between your 5th and 12th contact

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll make a connection that leads to a sale with one touch, so you have to stay persistent and consistent in following up with people. Whatever you do, you can’t just do one thing, you have to implement a sequence of communication.


Key Quotes

Having the right carrot at the end of the stick is very important – Glenn Twiddle

In real estate, sales skills will get you to about $250k a year and marketing skills can take you from $250k to $500k. From that point, the team building skills take over.– Matt Johnson

High operations people are going to lend themselves more naturally to scaled, marketing efforts and jobs that require a lot of intellectual effort to set up a system. It is the difference between making $200k and making millions. However, these people don’t get to flex that muscle if they can’t get past that initial phase of getting the sales skills so they can get over that hump to where they have the time money and resources to start investing in a business.

Guest Bio

Glenn’s history includes being a Real Estate Agent, Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Real Estate Principal and Business owner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He started as a Salesperson and quickly became a number 1 salesperson in the competitive inner city Brisbane apartment market.  Glenn has trained and mentored thousands of real estate agents in his capacity as a Sales Trainer for the Real Estate Institute of Qld (REIQ), Coldwell Banker, the number one real estate franchise in the WORLD, Brisbane Apartment Sales, Alto Real Estate, Ray White Centre for Excellence, LJ Hooker, Richardson and Wrench and many others. Go to for more information.


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