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Networking can be everything from causing anxiety and discomfort all the way to being socially paralyzing to the point where you can’t do it at all. How can you shed your fear of networking by being more intentional and clear? How does deep breathing play into how you come across to people? How do you find communication clues in other people? On this episode, Dr. Debra Dupree is back with more great insights and tactics to make you a more effective networker.


Any objection is the lead telling you what they want and something they want to achieve.– Dale Archdekin


Three Things We Learned


Always have a clear intention for your networking

A lot of people waste time running after events. To avoid this, always have an intention. Think about what’s your purpose and how the networking event ties into that purpose. Have some intent about how many people you’re going to meet and set out with the goal to make a specific number of connections.  


Take deep breaths before you enter into a networking situation

Engage in 3 or 4 deep breaths before you enter into a situation. It slows down the breathing and the brain wave activity which influences the clarity of the eyes. When you breathe you not only calm yourself down, you also change the vibe you give off to other people which will make you a more effective communicator.


Be a giver, not a taker

In networking situations, you put people off when you make everything about you and fail to show any generosity. Learn to talk less and listen more, and lead with actual value. When you do eventually ask, it will be easier because you would have given something in the first place.


Key Quotes

People will feel more connected to you when you have a giver approach than a getter approach. – Dr. Debra Dupree

Our eyes portray a lot about our state of our inner mind. If we’re not clear it shows up in our eyes.– Dr. Debra Dupree

Networking can be an off-putting exercise, even for some of the most confident and accomplished people. For it to be less nerve-wracking, go in with a set intention of what you want to achieve and who exactly you want to talk to. Ask people questions to engage with them, and use deep breathing to make sure your lack of clarity isn’t showing through your eyes or voice. By breathing we can control these factors and show up authentic and ready to connect.

Guest Bio

Debra has for years been fascinated with makes people tick, at work and at home. She became a therapist, a mediator, a professor and doctor of psychology. She is now a public speaker and author. To reach out to Debra and get her coaching materials go to or follow her on Twitter @RTMCoach.


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