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When people don’t show up for appointments it’s because there’s resistance. How do you take care of the resistance before it even arises? How do you reduce people’s fear of salespeople? How can objections actually help you learn more? On this episode, we talk to Dale Archdekin, who gives great insights on handling all objections like a true rockstar.


Any objection is the lead telling you what they want and something they want to achieve.– Dale Archdekin


Three Things We Learned


If the appointment is way more important to you than them, they likely won’t show up

It’s very important for the appointment to be of equal importance to both parties, otherwise the other side won’t see the value of upholding it. If you can understand what someone’s needs are and work towards meeting them, this makes it more likely than an appointment will happen


Every objection reveals a need and something they are trying to achieve

An objection isn’t something you should just take at face value as a rejection. It can in fact be a very powerful illuminating tool that you can use to your advantage. Every objection uncovers that they have something to achieve, even if it’s nothing.


When you’re selling to high D’s, make your scripts short, punchy, and figure out what the essence is

When you’re trying to sell to high D individuals, it’s important to make your pitch as straight to the point as possible. Make your script as simple as possible so that you get to the point quicker, without losing that person’s interest.


Key Quotes

No matter how much we try to behave like we’re not salespeople, that’s what we are in these people’s minds.– Dale Archdekin

Within every success there is this seed of an equivalent or greater failure.– Matt Johnson

Clients and customers all have a fear of sitting with salespeople because they don’t want to be pushed towards a decision. It’s your job to provide value and reduce that fear. When you’re asking people to take time out of their busy lives to sit with you remember there might be some resistance. Pre-frame the person to deal with any resistance that’s going to come up before the appointment happens. When you’re on an early call, people won’t know, like and trust you enough to agree with you, so just let them have their opinion. Anytime you get a rejection, remember it reveals a deeper need.

Guest Bio

Dale Archdekin is CEO of Smart Inside Sales, a lead generation and real estate coaching company. Dale is currently the Director of Lead Generation for one of the top 10 teams with Keller Williams Realty. Dale uses his 15+ years of experience as a telephone prospector in various industries and his many years of inside sales management experience to successfully guide other agents and companies through the many difficulties of creating a productive and profitable inside sales department. Find out more about Dale go to, find Smart Inside Sales on Facebook or email


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