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People shy away from really putting concrete numerical value on their goals. Why does this set them back in a huge way? How can you start tracking your work better? How can you go about setting business goals that don’t ultimately take you away from the things that matter? On this clip, we are joined by coach Hank Avink who shares the biggest business mistakes agents are making, and how to stop making them right now.

We have no idea how much compounding interest we lose out on when we say yes to things that aren’t in alignment with family, work and other main things. – Hank Avink

Three Things We Learned


It’s hard being a spouse and a parent so it’s sometimes easier to spend more time at work

For some people who excel at work and find themselves struggling at home, the praise, success and accolades of the job are a lot easier to do than the work, commitment and routine of being a spouse and a parent.


So many people are afraid to raise their standards because it will push people away

A lot of people stay in business relationships that just aren’t working for them because they are too comfortable and they fear saying they want more out of it. Raising your standards will change a lot of relationships but ultimately it will give way to better ones.


If you’re really good and people want you, they’ll adjust their schedule

A lot of people have a scarcity mindset, and that leads to them taking on jobs that don’t suit them or shifting important things in their lives to make clients happy. If you truly provide value to your clients, they will be happy to adjust things to your needs and accommodate you.


Key Quotes

One of the worst things you can do for your business is take business that doesn’t fit you.– Hank Avink

If you’re a real estate agent and you don’t look at your PNL on a monthly basis, you’re a child, not a business owner. – Hank Avink

A lot of entrepreneurs shy away from putting a solid, concrete numerical value on goals, they can hold themselves accountable to and then underestimate the importance of staying in relationship with these goals. If you’re a business owner and you’re not tracking your activity in a real way, you’re faking it. Take the time to be in balance with what you really want, interrogate your schedule to make sure you’re making the best use of your time and make the pain of not following your schedule greater than the pain of following it. When you follow your schedule, you get predictable results, and that will give you your best year ever.

Guest Bio

Hank is the Founder and Head Coach of National Coaching League. He is also a realtor in the Kalamazoo, Portage, Richland and Schoolcraft area. Find him on Facebook to get in touch about coaching.


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