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Human relationships are in low supply, and people are starved for authentic connections. How can you make this the basis of your real estate business? How do you play to your strengths and unique abilities? What elements help you find your own unique ability? On this episode, we are joined by rockstar agent and coach Chris Angell who shares valuable insights on these topics.


Marketing comes from generosity and we need to have marketing that is with and for our people, not to and at them. – Chris Angell


Three Things We Learned


We don’t trust ourselves because something tells us we’re not good enough

We constantly look outside of ourselves for answers because we don’t trust our core and we’re always trying to find external solutions to our problems because of that. When we play to what makes us unique, we solve this.


Nobody plays in the top of the funnel

Everybody is fishing for business in the middle and the bottom of the sales funnel, but if you can be valuable to people at the top of the funnel, they will think of you when the need for your service arises.


The flip side of a complaint is a commitment

Think deeply about the things that frustrate you, they aren’t coincidental. The reason we complain about something is because we wish it was different. If we complain about something it’s because we are committed to the result on the other side, and we’ll be willing to work for it.


Key Quotes

The ability to analyze and correctly apply the lessons of failure is the secret to all wealth creation.– Matt Johnson

Lead from the place where you can speak confidently from because it creates authority for you. – Chris Angell

Every human being has their own superpower, and when you unlock it everything about business and life gets easier. Be intentional about being useful to your database so it can grow. Create content that nurtures a relationship with those people. Build a tribe of people who like what you say, and feed them into your database. The sales process isn’t about convincing people to do something that isn’t in their best interest, it is the process of taking the responsibility upon yourself to get someone the results they want and wouldn’t get without you. Remember this is a relationship-based industry, and the consumer is looking for authentic and real right now, so be authentically you.

Guest Bio

Chris Angell is a real estate consultant and trainer based in Spokane, WA. Chris sold real estate himself for 6 years, ran a KW office for over 5 years, overseeing 200+ agents before founding his consulting firm. To get in touch, go to


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