About a million people are publishing every week on LinkedIn but most of their content sucks. What are the biggest mistakes people are making when it comes to putting out content on LinkedIn? What is the secret to creating share-worthy content? How can you use LinkedIn to position yourself as an expert in your industry? On this episode, we are joined by LinkedIn expert Tracy Enos, who shares the LinkedIn secrets that gets her content 140+ shares.

Don’t just create the content, promote it. -Tracey Enos

3 Things We Learned

All activities in LinkedIn are going to start with your personal profile
A lot of people make the mistake of trying to publish content even though their profile isn’t good and the various elements aren’t dialed in. The first thing you need to do is optimize your profile so that it represents you and your brand well.

Become the go-to person in your area or industry by writing articles
The purpose of content marketing is being of value and helping people find solutions for their pain points. Start writing articles about your area or industry, and they will serve as social proof of how knowledgeable and skilled you are.

You need 10 recommendations to get more profile visibility and make sure the people recommending you are using the keyword for the service you provided
Having recommendations makes a huge impact to your profile visibility but it’s important to remember that the people who recommend you have to use the keyword for your service. That way, each recommendation boosts your ranking.

Be the Expert

If your content on LinkedIn is entertaining, and teachable, it will fortify you as the expert in your industry and separate you from your competition. If you can showcase that you’re an expert in your industry, you will become a magnet for clients and referrals from related professionals. It all starts with having a really great profile, knowing who your prospect is and then knowing their pain points so you write content that makes you the solution. A lot of people think the content publishing process ends when you put out the post and add links on social media, remember to promote and follow up.

Guest Bio

Tracy is a LinkedIn Business Development expert & B2B Lead Generation Consultant. Go to http://tracyenos.com/, https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracyenos/ or email tracy@tracyenos.com.

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