Most agents make the mistake of trying to get a buyer to like a house at an open house, but that will put them off. What is the right way to approach an open house? What are the most important things to avoid when it comes to listing photographs? What strategies can make you a better communicator and speaker? On this episode, we answer these and many other questions.

The open house isn’t about that house, it’s about assessing needs, proving value and building rapport. -Matt Johnson

3 Things We Learned

Set expectations for your clients from the beginning
When agents fall into problems with clients who are difficult, a lot of it comes from not setting expectations in the beginning, or not making the choice not to work with certain people.

The odds of someone buying a house they come to in an open house is 3%
Your goal when you do open houses shouldn’t be to secure the person that will buy that house, it’s to generate buyer leads and get to know the needs of these people. If you’re going into it trying to sell that house, you’re going to seem too aggressive.

When you smile, you sound totally different
When you do your prospecting calls, put a mirror in front of you and smile. You will sound very different, more cheerful, relaxed and content. Giving off that vibe will make people happier to talk to you.

Make Your Open House a Success for YOU!

Your job isn’t to persuade open house attendees to like a house. It’s your job to get them talking so you learn what they want and help them find it. Consider going to an open house with information on comps in the same area in the same price range. Learn to treat people you meet at open houses as buyer leads, that you still have to nurture and build rapport with. Taking another approach will just scare people off.

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