A lot of people in real estate underestimate what it means to do it all. What are the three things you need to dial in to succeed with listings? Why are profits better than wages? How do you find common ground and build rapport with sellers? On this episode, we are joined by real estate top producer, coach and author Hoss Pratt, who answers these questions.

You have to be able to freely and openly communicate about real estate and be able to talk about how you provide value, how you solve problems. -Hoss Pratt

3 Things We Learned

One-to-many conversations are the most profitable
Salespeople take steps with their skills, starting with being able to master being on the phone, then having one-on-one conversations with people in and person, and then finally making a leap towards one-to-many conversations like training and speaking engagements. This is what is most profitable.

However you’re most comfortable is how you should present
People make the mistake of thinking there is one way to present, but what makes the most sense is doing what makes you comfortable so you can be your best. What you need, more than anything is a framework, and being able to build rapport.

A confused mind doesn’t buy
Don’t get too technical in your listing presentations because a confused mind won’t be able to buy from you. Learn to dumb down your presentation so that it can actually convert.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When it comes to systems, it’s important to remember that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The systems you need already exist, all you have to do is plug into them, turn down the noise and do the work. When it comes to listing presentations, remember that rapport trumps everything, and rapport is built on commonality. A confused mind won’t buy so make sure your presentation is clear.  

Guest Bio

Hoss is a nationally known authority when it comes to lead generation and lead conversion. He has demonstrated, and proven time and time again during his stellar 12 year career that using his revolutionary strategies can move brokers and agents from stuck to super-charged in just months. What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. He’s presented over 1,100 sold-out webinars and online events, conducted over 1,300 live seminars in 48 states, knocked on over 100,000 doors, made over 200,000 prospecting/sales calls, presented at 2,150 kitchen tables, and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals. Go to hosspratt.com for more information. Go to listingbossbook.com to get his book.

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