Fear of failure and rejection stop a lot of people. How do you desensitize yourself to failure and hearing the word no? What is the problem with living your life looking for yes, instead of going for no? How can you practically put this plan in place? On this episode, we are joined by the co-author of Go For No, Andrea Waltz who shares her powerful strategy.

Get out there and into action and start hearing more nos. -Andrea Waltz

3 Things We Learned

Silence sells
Most people struggle more with awkward silences than with hearing the word no. It’s important to remember that the first person who speaks loses, so when you’re faced with silence get comfortable with it so you can be patient and let the other person talk to fill the awkward silence.

We tend to focus on yes goals and hitting our quota so we get too comfortable
When you focus on getting a certain number of yeses, you cap the amount of success you can achieve. If you start hunting the nos, you will achieve more success than you expected because you’re driven by the rejection, not put off by it.

Babies don’t fall 5 times and say “walking isn’t for me”
The process of learning to walk isn’t an easy one for babies, but that doesn’t mean they give up every time they fall. A baby doesn’t stop and decide to crawl for the rest of their lives. They keep trying and working towards getting on their feet. We should be the same.

Reprogram Yourself

We’ve all come from the programming of thinking that hearing the word yes is what will make us successful, but for us to truly get to where we want to go, we have to stop fearing rejection and actually start celebrating the times we hear the word no. When you set no-goals, it forces you to stay in action and actually go further in your work. Don’t be afraid to embrace the inner child that  isn’t afraid to fail, and gets back on the bike after a fall. Measure your success by how much you’re able to push past rejection.

Guest Bio

Andrea Waltz is the co-author of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. Go to goforno.com for more information and find Go For No on social media.

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