When people think real estate advertising, they often think of going hyper local. What strategy helps you gain global social proof and followers? What is the benefit of this tactic? Why is Facebook Live more powerful that YouTube? On this episode, Nick Sakkis talks about the incredible strategy that helps you get thousands of likes in just 4 days!

The more organic, the more grimy, the more cellphone-type Facebook Live videos you take with less editing get way more engagement than the perfect stuff. -Nick Sakkis

3 Things We Learned

Think of yourself as a media company that just happens to sell real estate
When it comes to branding for your visibility in the marketplace, remember you’re competing with the news, politics, sports, so whatever you’re publishing has to cut through all the noise out there and still be related to real estate.

How to go viral: personal story + the result + how to replicate the results
If you want to create content that really resonates and gets people to engage with you, there’s a formula that has worked very well on platforms like LinkedIn. It’s simple, tell a personal story about a challenge, how you overcame it and how others can replicate the results.

What Facebook has in spaces that YouTube doesn’t is the community factor
Facebook will thrash YouTube because it isn’t a community. Facebook, on the other hand is a community more than anything else. It also has way less trolls, more content and you’re able to be super-targeted with your messaging.

You Are A Marketer

It’s so important to remember that you’re not a real estate agent, you’re a media publisher who happens to sell real estate. If you have this mental shift, you will be  able to create content that’s really relevant. Facebook is a worldwide brand so you have access to a global audience that can lend to your social proof. Remember you’re competing with many other kinds of content so yours really has to stick out. Put more work and effort in Facebook because it gives you the advantage of community. The kind of content someone would expect to find about a community, or city on YouTube is completely different from what they’ll engage with live on Facebook.

Guest Bio

Nick is the co-founder of the Sakkis Group, Nick acquired his real estate license in 2005 where he worked for Prudential Tropical Realty. Nick was born and raised in South Tampa, attending local schools, including St. Johns Greek Orthodox Day school, Plant High School and Hillsborough Community College. Growing up as a two sport athlete Nick developed a strong sense of what it takes to win and be successful. He has brought that same level commitment and perseverance to his real estate business. Go to http://www.sakkisgroup.com/ for more information or join his Facebook group Real Estate Marketing Rockstars realestatemarketingrockstars.com

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