There’s a huge discrepancy between what people think holds them back and what actually holds them back from success. How do you get over the mindset issues that stop you from getting into action? How do you stop yourself from reading situations wrongly? How do you protect your mind from negativity? On this episode, we answer these questions and more.

You don’t ask for the business until you’ve brought value and built a relationship. -Greg McDaniel

3 Things We Learned

Maximize on time if you live far away from where you work
If you don’t live close to the market you serve there are many strategies for making the most out of your time. Instead of listening to the radio, listen to podcasts and good ebooks on the commute so that you’re actually learning something and making yourself better.

There’s a Positive to Every Negative
Sometimes the universe gets us what we want by making something negative happen. Remember even in a negative situation or a setback in your business, there’s always a way to switch how you view it and find the positive in it.

Include the Little Things in Your Gratitude List
It’s so easy to think the things we should be grateful for are the big things, but it’s so important to take the time to be thankful for the little things. Think about things in your immediate environment and be thankful for those things as well.

Mindset, Consistency & Persistence

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity that comes with the hard parts of the job, but you can very easily get tripped up in that. We can be held back by the fear of rejection and other limiting beliefs we might not even know we have. Remember the importance of mindset, consistency and persistence. Surround yourself with people that give you a reality check and remind you that you should be proud of yourself, especially in the moments where you feel down.

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