When most people think about goals, they focus only on business goals and forget all the other pillars of their lives. Why is it important to consider other goals? What gets in the way of people taking action on the goals that will make an impact? Why is journaling important? On this episode, we are joined by Andy Scherer and Gene Volpe and we go deep answering these questions.

You have to remove the if to get to the when, then the results will come right after that. -Andy Scherer

3 Things We Learned

When most people think goals they gravitate towards business goals
When it comes to goal setting, it’s important to think beyond your business and your work. A fulfilling life is made up of so many more aspects like health, family, relationships and spirituality. Factor those things into your goal setting.

The uncomfortable feeling of the actions you need to take stops us from executing on our goals
We all have actions we have to take to grow our business, be healthier and happier, like making calls or going to the gym. These actions are uncomfortable, and the discomfort blocks us from getting into action. To overcome this our desire for growth and success have to be greater than not wanting to feel uncomfortable.

We don’t go for what we want because we don’t know what we want
Clarity is freedom, energy and the basis of the fuel we need to get to our intended destination. Without clarity, we’re basically swimming in muddy water, and it delays our success. Once we know exactly what we want, energy can be applied to it and the Universe will get out of your way so these intentions become reality.

Fuel Your Goals

Most people are held back because the pain of not following through on their intentions isn’t big enough, or their WHY isn’t great enough. When you can have clarity on what fuels your actions, you will be committed and consistent at taking action. It’s important to understand the strategic plan for where you want to go and how to get there. The true magic happens when you’ve provided that fuel for your goals, and have a strategy broken down into milestones, and weekly and daily intentions. Learn to be a student of yourself so you can constantly improve and evolve.

Guest Bio

Andy is a loan officer and marketing director at Approved Mortgage group, and a real estate coach at Pillar 9 Coaching. As leader and change agent, he has been able to successfully implement communication strategies, operations management, social program design, marketing integration, community collaborations, and engagement initiatives. Get in touch andy@insourcerealestate.com, call 203.257.5279 or find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ascherer83.

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