Consumers are exposed to 60,000 brand messages each day. How do you make sure your message is seen by the right people? What does it take to set yourself apart from everyone else? Why is consistency so critical to your success? On this episode we answer these questions in a live Q&A.

Most companies and people go into an existing market with a strategy of “I’m better than them” but that’s the worst thing you want to do. -Matt Johnson

3 Things We Learned

Personal category design is all about blue water hunting
The biggest mistake most business owners make is going into the market talking about how much better they are than their competitors. The problem with this thinking is that it’s hard for a customer who’s looking from the outside to really see what truly makes you better. If you want to make an impact, talk about what makes you different and unique in a way that is relevant to your target market.

Pay close attention to your prospect and adjust to your prospect
It’s important to have business relationships where you get to be your authentic self, and sometimes this can be an organic process that takes place as soon as you meet people. Sometimes the process requires you to pay attention to the personality of your prospect and adjust to their needs and disposition. Being adaptable is a very important skill in this business.

The notion of exclusive seller leads is very flawed
Trying to find exclusive leads is a shortcut that doesn’t really exist. In today’s world, there is so much competition for leads online, so it’s impossible to find one that’s just for you. The key thing is differentiating yourself so even when you’re competing with other agents, you stand out.

Dare to Be Different

The business world is highly competitive, and category kings take 70% or higher of the market share. If you’re not competing at that level, you will end up fighting for scraps and not getting very far. Don’t tell people you’re better, show them that you are different. It’s all about showing how you uniquely solve a problem that’s relevant to other people. It’s about attracting the people that like what makes you different.

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