Starting a company is easy, but running it successfully, growing it and keeping people happy isn’t. How do you run a team where people are happy and highly valuable? What’s the right way to approach coaching without burning people out? What are the biggest mistakes agents make in running their businesses? On this episode, we are joined by Firepoint Solutions CEO, Chris Tamm who goes deep on these and many other insights.

The system of how leads are followed up on and how the sales people are held accountable is what drives the success of lead conversion. -Chris Tamm

3 Things We Learned

People take coaching and sales management too far to the point that they burn out on it
The most effective and successful coaching emphasizes incremental growth every single day, not big leaps that are easy to fall behind on. Short daily catch ups and check ins are less overwhelming but at the same time more likely to create behavioral change and allow for accountability.

Entrepreneurs think beyond return on investment, they think of return on time
People who don’t have an entrepreneurial mind often think of how much money something is going to cost, without thinking of the return they will get in time ultimately. Spending time coaching your staff to be better will give you an unlimited return on time because of what it brings back to your business.

Getting 80% sure and executing is way better than getting 90 or 100% sure
Most people get stuck in inaction by waiting to be 100% sure on something before they launch and implement, but the truth is you might find yourself waiting forever. It’s better to get even 80% sure, launch and then learn as you go along. Sometimes the remaining 20% is just opinion.

Exercise Care

Whenever you set up a new system, remember that the people working it aren’t robots. Coaching and care is needed. 10-15 minutes with each agent every week gives you a look into how well they are working the system. Most agents make the mistake of coming up with temporary fixes for their business problems so they can just get clients. What’s crucial is setting up a system that provides a steady stream of your ideal clients, that you can just run and maintain so those problems are permanently solved. Remember, you don’t have to get things 100% right every time. It’s better to improve as you go along than to be inactive waiting for everything to be right.

Guest Bio

Chris Tamm is the Founder and Chairman of Firepoint, an all-in-one software solution to grow and run a real estate team. Go to for more information.

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