The average agent thinks of themselves as a celebrity whose brand is enough to attract leads, and they couldn’t be more lost. What is the right way to build a brand that actually delivers value? Why are dabblers always going to fail to succeed in the long-term? Why is video where you should be putting your energy? On this episode, we are joined by lead specialist Edwin Dearborn who gives us massive value.

Dabblers don’t focus and wealthy Realtors master a few systems and they go deep on these systems. -Edwin Dearborn

3 Things We Learned

Everyday that you avoid going on video is everyday you’re antiquating your brand
By the year 2020, 80% of the content consumed online will be video. If you’re not getting into video right now, you are going to be left so far behind that you won’t be able to catch up. YouTube is the world’s biggest reality TV channel. It doesn’t take much to start publishing your own content.

A brand needs to focus away from the egocentric
Most people who think of building a brand think about it in an egocentric light, like they are famous people who will just generate leads without any effort. You need to give people value in the form of content, and use social media to position yourself as the digital major of your town, not a celebrity that is entitled to attention.

It’s rare to find a successful team that has more than 3 lead generation pillars
The most successful agents and teams don’t dabble in different lead generation pillars. The average agent dabbles and is never able to go deep on one thing. Instead they find themselves with pieces of unfinished actions that don’t take them anywhere. Wealthy people intensify on fewer things.

Use Your Resources

All your branding operations needs to be less egocentric and more value focused. If you can bring real value and be authentic, people have an antennae for that and they will pick up on it.

The goal is to generate leads that are unique and actionable, and you have to make sure you qualify your leads by the quality of their source and age. Remember your resources are the sources of your business. Use video content to showcase the lifestyle of the area you work in, and think of your business as a media company that happens to sell real estate. In this market place, this is how you will stay ahead of the game.

Guest Bio

Edwin is a leadership strategist, and marketing expert, coach and author. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and other national media outlets. Edwin has also delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations to thousands of business professionals on communication, organization, marketing, as well as personal development and still travels around the U.S. as a keynote speaker for consulting groups, sharing his unique insight. Go to or for more information. Find his book “Power Branding Secrets” on Amazon.

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