Agents hate cold calling because they go into it hoping to get something, instead of going into the call thinking of how they can help. How can being a more generous agent benefit your business relationships? How can you be more thoughtful when it comes to giving gifts? How can you use social media to learn more about your database? On this episode, we are joined by agent and coach Monica Weakley who shares her powerful insights.

It’s not the thought that counts, it’s the thoughtful thought that counts. -Monica Weakley

3 Things We Learned

Being generous is great for selling and it’s great for the culture of your business
We all could be more giving, and much better at putting our clients’ needs before our own. Being more generous won’t just make you better at selling, it will also impact the culture of your business so you learn to be of value before thinking of what you get out of it.

When someone does something nice for you, you’re going to have an innate need to repay them
The law of reciprocity will always work to your favor when you decide to lead with a giving hand. You’ll be surprised how all the things you do for others circle back to you. When you do something good for someone, they will be compelled to do the same for you and spread the goodness.

Start with their likes, hobbies and passions
If you want to give someone a gift that means a lot to them, learn about their likes, hobbies and passions and find something that combines at least two of those. Use social media to find out what they post about, and find a thoughtful way to show that you paid attention.

Be Human

All people want is to be acknowledged and appreciated in all facets of their life, and being a generous agent allows you to do that. If you can be human and build a relationship you can create meaningful connections that will breed referrals and steady business. You’ll also feed off the law of reciprocity and if you’re consistent you’ll have a great pipeline of happy clients. When you take opportunities to step up and show up, your flag will be flown at a very high level.

Guest Bio

Monica is an agent and coach whose experience in real estate includes traditional selling as well as holding a leadership position within the Keller Williams Advisors’ market center for 5 years where she coached and trained other agents to run successful businesses of their own. Go to  or to download her free gift.

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