A lot of people think success follows hard, horrible work but this is the wrong way of looking at it. How do you align with your own definition of success? Why does comparison make us miserable? How can you achieve success without running yourself into the ground? On this episode, we are joined by success coach, Roberta Ross – who shares on achieving true fulfillment and happiness.

We have a lot of training that taught us that we get rewarded for our suffering, it’s embedded in our culture and language. -Roberta Ross

3 Things We Learned

We are conditioned to take motivated action not inspired action.
Motivated action comes from an external push, or a need to accomplish something that corresponds with an external force or circumstance. Inspired action comes from within, and it’s how we are able to make things happen for ourselves easily. We should always aim to work from a place of inspiration.

Fear has many derivatives – panic, anxiety, sadness, doubt, depression etc.
What might look like anger, anxiety and doubt on the outside are all just signs of fear and taking action from a place of fear. Even though fear can be an effective push to action, it very often leads us to things that aren’t aligned with our true selves.

Happiness and success have to be unconditional.
We’ve been conditioned to think happiness only happens when we’ve achieved certain things, but true happiness is unconditional. True joy has more to do with how we feel inside and how we view the things that happen to us. If you’re able to just be happy as you are right now, that creates a lasting joy that can’t be challenged or touched.

Utilize Your True Talent

We’ve been taught that our greatest joys and accomplishments come from struggling and suffering towards a goal. As a result, we miss out on a success that can happen with greater ease and give us so much more joy. We waste time by comparing ourselves to others, trying to fit into someone else’s idea of success or not taking the time to be content with where we are. True success is a matter of aligning your business with the strategies that are aligned to and play into who you are. The rest can be delegated or let go of completely. Align your business with who you are and what your real talents and passions are and you’ll see how easy success can actually be.

Guest Bio

Roberta is devoted to helping serious-minded real estate agents who want to make more money AND raise the quality of their business experience. She guides her coaching members to achieve what they want by evolving into the most exceptional version of themselves. Go to http://sixfigurerealestatecoach.com/ or enroll for her upcoming coaching enroll.doubleyourbestclients.com and use the promo code SAVE500 for a discount.

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