When it comes to achieving goals, a lot of people want as close to instant as they can get. How does this get in the way of real progress and growth? How should you go about steering the path to success? What’s a big mistake coaches make? On this episode, we talk about goal setting, rituals, coaching and accountability.

You’ll never fully commit to something someone just dictates to you. -Matt Johnson

3 Things We Learned

Most coaches make the mistake of dictating from the top down, what they think their clients should do.
A lot of coaches have to grapple with clients who never follow through on plans made, but a lot of the times it’s due to the coach’s approach. When a coach tries to dictate what a client should do, it won’t work. What works is the client coming up with goals and the coach holding them accountable to what they’ve already decided.

A lot of us make goals based on what sounds good to other people.
When we make goals, it’s important to be clear that they are ours and not put on us by other people’s expectations. We will always steer ourselves towards the subconscious ideas we have of success, so it’s important to work harder on setting goals from within not from what you think you should do.

It’s important to have different people in your life that speak into different areas of your life.
One mistake we make is we try to get all kinds of advice from the same people, but we actually need is to lean on different people for the different kinds of wisdom they have. Build a mastermind group of people in your life who are experts on things like business, spirituality, mindset and personal relationships.

Take Action Daily

A lot of what holds agents back from success has nothing to do with the actual business, and more to do with their mindset, beliefs and daily habits. It’s important to cut through this with personal development, learning and setting the right goals to move forward. When it comes to making a path towards success – we have to define it for ourselves and then take the daily actions to get us there.

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