In this information age, we get so overloaded on consuming content that we can end up not implementing anything. How do you make sure you’re putting your lessons into action? Why is not being able to close a symptom of a problem? On this episode, we answer these questions and discuss time blocking, and how what you focus on expands.

People want the solution to be complicated, when you say it’s simple they get upset. -Matt Johnson

3 Things We Learned

Talking about something is awesome as long as it leads to action
It’s easy to consume so much data and so much information, but if it just sits in your mind without being put into action, it’s a huge waste. The key to success isn’t accumulating all the knowledge in the world, it’s all about making sure it create behavior change.

People want a solution to be complicated
Most solutions to leading a better life are very simple, but the problem is people expect them to be complicated. People expect complications because it is the only way to explain why they haven’t been able to make it happen in the first place.

Find Your Biggest Limiting Factor
We all have one thing that stands between us and success and most of it has to do with mindset, and limiting beliefs. If you can identify these beliefs and overcome them – that brings you closer to the life you want.

Find Your Limiting Factor

Most people’s limiting factors have nothing to do with lead generation and a lot more to do with themselves. When you find that limiting factor you’ll be able to rise above it and make you and your business better. We’re in an age where we consume a lot of content, but we need to be careful not to miss out on the importance of implementation. Put your focus into the things you want to happen, not the things you don’t want.

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