Real estate services for the military is a worthy niche for agents to consider. How does it differ from civilian real estate? What is the loan process and why is it so important to be informative, available and helpful? How do agents market themselves on base? On this episode, we are joined by Larry Luna and Bree Meloan, who are experts when it comes to military real estate.

Most first time home buyers don’t know what they are getting into, I like educating and helping them along the way. -Bree Meloan

3 Things We Learned

The military is a tight unit and if one person knows that you’re in real estate they will refer their circle
In the military, the rules about marketing yourself as an agent are a lot stricter. The inventory of an agent is considered to be in competition with the base’s real estate. Most business comes by way of referral after you’ve worked well with one person. The community is super tight knit so this is what will bring the business.

Being accessible to clients who are deployed makes a big impact
In all real estate, it’s important to be available to your clients in their times of need. In military real estate, your clients won’t always be in the same time zone as you are. When you make yourself available to them, it really makes them feel valued and cared for.

The VA limits specific expenses and costs that can be charged to the veteran
The main goal of the VA’s rules for real estate is protecting the veteran. Appraisals are a lot more strict to make sure the house doesn’t have issues, and there’s no requirement for down payments to keep expenses down for the veteran.

Find Your Category

If you’re looking for niche or category that you can potentially dominate, consider working with military buyers and sellers. They are people who deserve excellent service from someone who is experienced and dedicated. The home buying process can be difficult and daunting, and if you can be valuable you will gain referrals and make a difference.

Guest Bio

Bree is Realtor at Allison James Estates and Homes in Murrieta, California. Find her on Facebook or email

Larry is a mortgage loan originator at South Pacific Financial Corporation. Go to for more information or phone 951.858.0797

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