For many people, being young can be a disadvantage in the real estate business. How do you make yourself stand out and provide value to show your expertise? How can you employ social media tactics to get more clients? How do you go about hiring an assistant who won’t eventually become a rival? On this episode, we are joined by young agent Jamie Tian, who shares the strategies behind her successful career.

Social media is something you can continue to build up and it only grows exponentially once you have a following. -Jamie Tian

Takeaways + Tactics

Keeping in touch with old clients is the best way to get more listings and leads.

Link up with adjacent business owners who also work with the type of people you’re targeting.

You have to stick with your marketing strategy for a long time for it to stick.

Marketing Strategy

At the start of the show, Jamie shared how she got started, and where most of her business comes from. She also shared on the importance of taking a marketing strategy long term and how she uses social media to get clients. We also talked about finding the right assistant, signing buyer-agent agreements and what Jamie would do differently if she had to do it all over again.

Jamie also talked about;

  • Why geographic farming isn’t going to go away
  • Communicating with international clients
  • How young agents can prove themselves

Prove Yourself

You don’t have to be an old dog to win clients and become successful. Being younger just means you have to prove yourself more and show your expertise. Be reliable and overwhelm them with value and knowledge. Remember you’re not going to connect with every single person, so don’t take rejection personally. Just work on clicking with the right people, being valuable and everything else will fall into place.

Guest Bio

Jamie specializes in properties throughout Los Angeles including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, DTLA, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood,West LA, Westwood and the Sunset Strip. As a top producing agent at Rodeo Realty, Jamie takes pride in her discretion while providing the finest service to clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to A-list celebrities. She also provides invaluable services such as reliable contacts to her investor and developer clients that make her a top choice for those looking to make a profit in the Los Angeles real estate market. Go to for more information.

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