Paying for your marketing forces you to go deeper on perfecting all the aspects of your campaigns. How do you make sure you’re putting your most valuable marketing out? What are the secrets of lead generation? How do you know you’ve found a very talented person to work with? On this episode, we are joined by recruiting consultant and team leader Linzee Cipriani who answers these questions and provides massive value.

Anyone can tell you they want to make a million dollars, but the reality is talent will show itself if they talk about their life. -Linzee Ciprani

Takeaways + Tactics

The only purpose of a voicemail is to leave a positive impression.

A talent will continue to get increases in pay no matter where they go.

Don’t hire people just because they are similar to you.

What is the purpose of voicemail?

At the start of the show, we answered a question about FSBOs, and we talked about the true purpose of voicemail. Next Gene shared his tech tip and we talked about the importance of hiring the right people. Towards the end of the show, we talked about how to determine if someone is talented.

We also shared insights on;

  • DISC profiles and how they impact
  • Lead gen tactics that are working for her team
  • Motivation and talent

Talent speaks for itself

When it comes to recruiting people, you should see an elevated job track record that exceeds expectations. Talent will show itself when people talk about their life and show that they’ve continued to rise in position and earnings. Having a fire in your belly is necessary in sales, and this is something that shows through in the way someone talks about their life experiences, not in how much money they say they’ve earned.

Guest Bio

Linzee Ciprani is the Owner/CEO of Round Table Real Estate Services (Keller Williams Real Estate – West Chester), where her proven systems and recruiting methods have taken their team to a new level. Go to for more information. Email Lizee

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