Getting referrals can be one of the hardest tasks. What are the key things to watch out for?

Is there a good script to use to make sure you get those referrals?

In this clip, Dave Freidman shares some of his favorite tactics of getting high quality referrals for him and his team.


We also discussed;

  • Identifying motivation as part of securing a deal
  • Eliminating the fear from expanding your business
  • Growing and developing your database
  • How Dave’s background and connections helped him expand
  • The transition from going solo to working in a team
  • Successfully delegating tasks and the importance of good recruitment
  • What a big goal looks like

Determination is key. Be on the phone every day, calling out again and again, and have a positive mindset when it comes to expanding. That will help you grasp the opportunity you need to really make it big. Your best opportunity is in the area you’re local to, the area you know and love. Identify the top potential and make sure to grab it when you can. Surround yourself with people who have the same goals – that’ll help you build a disciplined team that moves towards a common goal. Finally, remember to be fun. People want to engage with someone who wants to have fun, so keep your entertaining personality because customers will relate to that and subconsciously choose you over someone else.