Stress is what drives most of us and our work. How do you make sure fear isn’t actually holding you back? What mindsets are doing more harm than good? How do you effectively do your 4th quarter push and business planning for next year? On this episode, we are joined by highly experiencing Realtor and small business coach Don Cunningham.

The most damaging stress comes from not making enough money. -Don Cunningham

Takeaways + Tactics

Treat every lead like it’s solid gold – UNTIL you know it’s not.

When you set your goals, don’t do “PFA” – Pluck a number From the Air.

Most damaging stress comes back to finances – not being able to pay your bills.

Mailers can work

At the start of the show, we answered a question about mailers and why they are a great strategy. Don said, “mailers work especially if you have a geographic farm.” We also talked about why mailers can be more successful now because everyone is doing email and social media. Next we talked about the power of having a plan to match your goal, and how to become worthy of the level you’re trying to rise to. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the necessity of tracking numbers and metrics. Repetition breeds success.

We also shared insights on;

  • Transitioning from success to significance
  • His approach to 4th quarter and business planning
  • The power of repetition
  • Favorite questions to ask at an open house

Rise to the occasion

Whatever you don’t have in your life right now, admit that you’re not worthy of that big goal currently. All you have to do is rise to the occasion and become worthy of that leap to the next level. A lot of what holds us back are not tactical issues but rather mindset issues. Don’t forget the importance of tracking, the ability to make intelligent decisions that will propel your decisions forward has to be based on numbers and metrics. Motivate yourself to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you by tracking the metrics that matter to your business! Don’t believe the bad influences in your mind.

Guest Bio

Dan is the founder of Fidelity Coaching, a company that delivers results-oriented, professional coaching for Realtors and small business owners. Go to for more information./span>

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