A good real estate agent relies on the relationships he or she builds in their community. What’s the key to building up your reputation? How can the implementation of systems make your job a lot easier? And why should we think about our weaknesses to start appreciating our strengths? In this episode, Darryl Baskin talks us through his winning strategies for building and maintaining strong systems, great tactics for lead generation, and much more.

We’re not paid on the hours that we spend, we’re paid on our productivity and getting our clients to closing [the deal]. -Darryl Baskin

Takeaways + Tactics

Start by building relationships with people with an 8x8 touch campaign.

Step back and ask yourself, “Where is the bottleneck in my business?”

Think long-term from the very first day in the business.

Ask yourself how you can turn something you do into a system at least once a week.


We started with Darryl sharing some of his background, as well as his passion for helping children in foster care. Then Gene Volpe joined us with his tips of the week – Snapchat advertising and SlyDial. Greg warned to not use SlyDial or SlyBroadcast for prospecting, as you can be fined. Afterwards, Darryl talked about why he joined eXp and why he values the flexibility they have given him. Darryl also mentioned how his disheartening beginning in real estate was turned around after he built up some of his reputation. Then we talked about Darryl’s motivation of getting into TV and radio. Darryl pointed out how important it is to know what your bottleneck is and being honest with yourself. Then we mentioned that delegating tasks could help you stand out with your own skills. Darryl explained how he manages with his busy schedule and the hard work that goes into building a system. Finally, Darryl talked about one of his favorite tools – Text Expander – the positive change it’s affected on his work and how it can help with foreclosures as well.

We also shared insights on;

  • Benefits of flexibility in real estate work
  • Lead generation tips for new agents
  • Self-branding on the way to credibility
  • Dealing with customers who wouldn’t accept your advice
  • The lack of middle ground in lead generation
  • Why open houses can lose their appeal
  • How life experiences can shape your business outlook

Utilize and Systemize

Systems can be a very daunting prospect for new agents, who are just finding their expertise in the field. You don’t have to focus on making your systems complicated and technologically advanced. Start small and put your own authentic ideas into them and, sooner or later, they will turn into something you can do in your sleep. All beginnings are hard and you need to be prepared for the eventuality of failure on your first prospecting sessions. Remain consistent and always find ways to innovate your lead generation strategies – rely on good coaching to do this. This will help you build up your reputation and make your job a lot easier for the future
Finally, use all the tools available to you. Find some new ones, too, and make them work for you and your business. Don’t be afraid of starting something new, because innovation is the most important step on the path to success.

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