Changing directions in your life can always be very intimidating process. How do you make it easier? What’s the importance of consistency and embracing your failure? And why should you value even the smallest things in life? Join us for an inspiring talk with motivational speaker Lane Ethridge about finding the drive to succeed, how helping others helps you and so much more.

You have to have the lane you want to find and you can change it as many times as you need until you actually get in the right direction. -Lane Ethridge

Takeaways + Tactics

Gratitude is the #1 thing that will overcome fear of rejection or cold-calling.

Work on 1 new stream of passive income each year.

If you’re not overwhelmed, you’re underperforming.

Non-negotiables; gotta have em

We started off with Lane telling us a bit about his background and his development as an entrepreneur. Lane explained how he got started with real estate investment and his experience with coaching. He then shared the best books he followed and the mindset he adopted on his way to success. Afterwards, Lane talked about how the DRIVE acronym relates to passive-aggressiveness and some common sales techniques. He also mentioned the importance of striving to outperform even yourself but then leaving everything behind when you go to sleep. We also mentioned how getting doors slammed in your face can increase your determination.

We moved on to talk about non-negotiables and how knowing what isn’t an option for you can really help you with your future plan. Greg, Matt and Lane all shared their non-negotiables as well. Lane then explained how Changing Lanes came to be and how being fired six times helped him build his own business. Lane also mentioned the importance of consistency. Then, with a personal story, Lane showcased how helping others can make you more successful. Finally, we stressed how important life is and how making the most of it should be a top priority for everyone.

We also shared insights on;

  • Being clear and specific about your goals
  • Following the DRIVE to success
  • Learning network marketing to make profit
  • The three-step pattern – impossible, improbable, inevitable
  • Regarding sales as relationships
  • Honoring your mentors by producing great results
  • The significance of the number seven
  • Making the best of bad days and seeing the other side of the coin

What is your goal?

Before you start on a new journey, make sure to always clear up your goals and ideas. Without a direction, you’ll end up getting nowhere. Find what makes YOU and your vision of the future unique and see how that’s best utilized. Sometimes that’s not in the job you are in right now – it does take courage to pick up something new, however if you find that courage, the benefits you reap will be worth the failures and the closed doors along the way.

Finally, take notice of the people around you.There will be great mentors along the way – listen to their advice and honor it by producing the best results, because then it will be an achievement for them as well. Value human life and talk to those around you openly and honestly. You never know when it might be a case of saving someone’s life. Think about yourself too. Find something to be grateful for every day that will give you the motivation and strength to carry on even in the darkest of times.

Guest Bio

Lane Ethridge is the founder of Changing Lanes International, a 4X National Bestselling author, transformational speaker, professional sales trainer and innovative entrepreneur, Lane helps committed entrepreneurs accelerate their success. He is a phenomenal visionary as a creative marketing and speaker trainer. He founded Changing Lanes International, a business around empowering entrepreneurs to maximize their gifts and skills to drive their business forward. Lane excels as a premier coaching leader, personal coach and mentor for his clients. Find out more about Lane and Changing Lanes

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