Cold calling and lead generation is an essential part of any business. How do we build up confidence and skills to be successful in our cold calling? What’s the importance of team motivation? And why should we be consistent in our follow-up? In this episode we talk to Luke Acree, President of ReminderMedia, who explores successful tactics for cold calling and follow-up and answers your most pressing questions for successful business growth.

You have to get yourself motivated by setting yourself up for success. -Luke Acree

Takeaways + Tactics

There’s no system for success. Stay consistent and commit to completing your task.

Every single call is different, stay authentic and only use the script as a backbone.

If you don’t have client reviews, it’s really going to hurt your business. Get your clients to review you right after the sale and get the testimonial.

There are three things that matter most in follow-up: persistent, consistency and being first.

You’ll always have to sit through the uncomfortable conversations, even if you’re not cold calling.

Debunking the Negative

We started off with Luke explaining his background and why he was interested in coming on the show. Then we went into the recent negative connotations around cold calling and debunked them, presenting a positive way to look at cold calls. We also mentioned that success doesn’t just rely on how many calls you do every day. Luke then talked about Greg’s cold calling and how it’s inspired him in his own practice. Luke then explained how to mitigate risk in a sale. Then Luke and Greg ran through a few useful scripts for overcoming objections.

Luke then encouraged everyone to follow ReminderMedia on YouTube and Facebook. We then stressed how important it is to be consistent and not give up too soon when it comes up to doing follow-up. Luke then shared his hook line for cold calling and we mentioned why a strong beginning of the call is important. Finally, we pointed out that there’s no point in trying to avoid talking to people you don’t know as it’s a part of the sales business.

We also shared insights on;

  • What makes an agent successful on the phone
  • Motivation tactics within a team
  • How can authenticity help you generate leads
  • Sales, driven by emotion, not logic
  • The “angel” effect
  • The importance of reviews and testimonials
  • Picking the right marketing method

Don’t Dread Cold Calling

Even if your product is the best in the world, no one will know about it unless you approach your customers directly. Cold calling isn’t something to dread – it can feel daunting, however with a few key tactics you can make it feel simple. There’s no point trying to avoid it, because even if you choose a different marketing method, it still involves having an uncomfortable conversation with somebody you don’t know. Stick to your own brand and your authenticity and then the quality that you offer will come through. Constantly revise your best scripts – especially the ones that help you overcome objections. Always make sure to do follow-up and do it every day.

You have to be consistent and not give up on calling potential leads, as deals normally happen after the fifth call. Finally, make sure to encourage your customers to leave reviews and ask them for testimonials. This is what differentiates your business and puts you forward in the competitive market.

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