Even if you deliver the best service in the world, nobody is going to know about it unless you publicize it properly. What’s the best way to get your name out there? Does getting good publicity necessarily cost millions? And how do you make sure to grab the golden opportunity when you see it? Find out the answers to these questions and many more as DIY PR guru and award-winning entrepreneur Christina Daves talks through her success story her top tips for successful free PR.

Publicity gives you visibility. Visibility gets you customers. Customers make you money. So at the end of the day, it’s all about visibility. -Christina Daves

Takeaways + Tactics

The first step in getting PR is to start local.

There’s a media outlet for everyone. Do your homework and know your media outlets.

Think out of the box – look for unique ways to link yourself and your listings to celebrity, history or other attention-grabbing factors.

Become your Community Ambassador – know your market and its history

Just ASK, what’s the worst anyone could say?


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We started off the episode with a lucky story about a million-dollar listing. Christina then joined us to talk about the importance of good PR and visibility to increase revenue. We also talked about HARO and Christina’s top tips on doing HARO right – completely free. Christina then told the story of her own business and her experience of appearing in local and national publications, including The Steve Harvey Show and Dr. Oz. She pointed out the importance of thinking outside the box, no matter whether you work nationally or locally. We mentioned how important it is to keep your email communication focused – short and sweet is the best way to go. Christina pointed out that with any media relationship you have to be consistent and think outside the box to be noticed. Finally, we mentioned the importance of having the right mindset and understanding that nobody wants you to fail and that if anyone does, the best thing to do is to shut them off and keep on with what you’re doing.

We also shared insights on;

  • Benefits of good Twitter interaction
  • Failure on the path to success
  • Breathing life into your local area through good stories
  • The art of grabbing the golden opportunity
  • Becoming a valuable resource for journalists and producers

Publicity is a Necessity

The importance of good publicity should never be overlooked, because that’s what gets you your clients and, ultimately, your revenue. Invest your time in understanding your local community and find out how to put your name out there – that way you can get referrals from channels you might not have even considered before. The history of your local community is what brings it to life. You can’t just stay focused on the sale; remember that people are attracted to good, believable stories. The best kind of PR can be free and if you are a community ambassador, liaise with journalists and producers and have a clear idea of the right audience for your message then business success is waiting just around the corner.

Guest Bio

Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning inventor and a best-selling author and speaker. She’s the founder and president for CastMedic designs, manufacturing MediFashions, which are award-winning accessories that make medical boots fashionable. Christina uses free publicity to appear on over 250 media outlets and continues to cultivate techniques for using PR as a vehicle to exponentially increase revenue. She has appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz and local news affiliates of NBC, CBS and FOX. Christina’s vision is that anyone can start and run their own successful PR campaign. To find out more about Christina and her ideas, visit www.prforanyone.com or find her on her personal website www.christinadaves.com.

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