Many agents shy away from difficult sales, but if their entire market is made up of those sales, they find themselves stuck. How can we approach lead generating in such a market? Why does building a network of estate attorneys benefit your business? Can finding the “problem child” in a family of executors really help you make that sale? We sit down with Michael Higdon who shares his experience of successful prospecting in a difficult market.

If you can pick up one to two great estate attorneys every month or every two months, you’ll be like Michael Young. -Michael Higdon

Takeaways + Tactics

With the competitive market nowadays, clients often know that they can get top dollar by selling themselves. Go the extra mile to convince them how and why they need YOU.

Have your list of go-to contractors as referral points – it’s a good way of establishing trust.

When you’re going after a database of recently deceased homeowners, you have to always approach it with extreme empathy.


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We started the episode with Michael giving us a bit of his background and why he decided to branch out on his own. We then talked about how to deal with very specific objections, some of which might seem insurmountable, in a way that can still secure you the business. In his tip of the week, Gene Volpe talked Google Keyword and how we can use it to our advantage. Michael then shared some of his insight about working with estates and executors and how to create and manage this database of potential clients. We discussed Michael’s selling routine and how he gets almost no expireds/cancels as a result. Michael also talked about how a good network of estate attorneys can only benefit you in the long run. Finally, we discussed new ideas about database prospecting and scaling up by setting yourself new goals every quarter.

We also shared insights on;

  • The importance of regular follow up
  • How FSBOs are actually selling in the current market
  • The role of compassion when dealing with estates and executors
  • Benefits of seeking out the “problem child”
  • Scaling up sustainably

Make a Good Impression

Successful lead generation in any market requires persistence and patience. Estates and executors can turn into very successful connections – if you work with them properly. A good impression can create more sales for you in the long-run, so make sure to exercise extreme empathy when dealing with these difficult situations. Seek out and build your own network. This instigates a feeling of professionalism in a client and convinces them that you are the right person for this job and they wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You need to make yourself indispensable and instill confidence and professionalism. Finally, always look for ways to develop, not just your business but yourself as well. When you reach a milestone, always set another one right after because continued and sustainable growth is key to success in real estate.

Guest Bio

Michael Higdon is a realtor in the Louisville area with over 16 years experience in real estate. Michael’s goal for 2017 is to help 100 buyers and sellers accomplish their goals. His promise is a full-time commitment to the sale and a wealth of local knowledge to help carry through even the most difficult sales. Michael also believes in embracing technology but not losing the personal touch as his website is equipped with a lot of resources, however he always makes sure these never replace spending time with the client. To find out more about Michael, email him at or visit his website

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