Getting free money just for owning your house sounds like a dream for any homeowner. How is this model sustainable? Does it benefit real estate agents at all? And how are co-investment partners similar to your rich uncle that you only see at Thanksgiving? Brian Elbogen, this week’s guest of Unison fame, will discuss all of this and more.

We can do things with our co-investment that just borrowing more money doesn’t do. -Brian Elbojen

Takeaways + Tactics

Use a co-investment partner like Unison to help your buyers make better offers or buy a better home without raising their monthly payment.

Working with a co-investor is like having a rich uncle who doesn’t make it awkward at Thanksgiving.

Monetize the 98% of people you meet who aren’t ready to make a move by offering info on co-investing for existing homeowners.


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Target Marketing

In the beginning of this episode, we discussed Brian’s idea and model of Unison, and how it can target specific groups of home buyers (such as young families) and help them get their dream property. Gene Volpe also offered a tip on Facebook marketing, encouraging agents to be creative and proactive with it. Brian also mentioned that agents can get in touch with them directly to see what they can gain from a potential partnership with Unison.

We also shared insights on;

  • The most common scenarios of buyers/owners needing to use Unison’s services
  • How Unison made things more comfortable for clients during the market crash
  • Why homeowners are the best partners
  • How co-investment companies can get involved with rental properties
  • Partnerships with brokers and other loan agencies
  • The secret to Unison’s good content marketing

Stay Focused!

One of the many secrets to success is innovation. A lot of profit often comes from a simple trial and error method and when you find your big thing, then you can utilize it to its full potential. Perhaps co-investment will be the big thing for some of you. It gives you the confidence and reassurance that you are offering a good, reliable service to customers, which not only increases your rapport and creates a valuable agent-client relationship, but it can also earn you a good profit on top of your commission. Additionally, it can also help you capitalize on the no-sellers, who might still want to make some profit from their home ownership. Either way, a key point is to be open to new opportunities, as this will help you foster an innovative, receptive mindset, which in turn will guarantee success for your business.

Guest Bio

Anthony Manzon is the founder and owner of Team Manzon, based in Chula Vista, CA, along with his wife, Regina. Their main goal is to provide an exceptional service to customers from all of walks of life. Anthony himself has over years of real estate experience and he was also featured in Realtor magazine’s 30 Under 30. Team Manzon’s main demographic are families in the SouthBay area. They also focus on the millennial generation. Anthony himself was a professional break-dancer before real estate – and still sometimes entertains clients with his skills. Find out more about Team Manzon on

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