Working in real estate is a constant learning curve. What’s the difference between an objection and a condition of a sale? What are the best tips that’ll help you deal with that one really tough buyer and still make a sale? Should complete domination be our end goal? These were the questions you had – so we answer these and many more in this week’s live Q&A.

Just speak truth – people will recognize that. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

A good, relatable story creates trust and is a surefire way to grab people’s attention.

Don’t overdo scripting over the phone – be yourself.

Identify your niche in the market and dominate it with supreme quality spreading yourself too thin.


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First, we answered a question about the importance of being proactive with your seller and the strengths you can gain with good objection handling. We pinpointed the difference between an objection and a condition and why it’s important to have achievable goals of what you can change in a good deal. Then we discussed the importance of the personal touch and making a sale relatable. This led to a discussion about the use of language in sales, and why going off-script can be beneficial. Towards the end, we gave recommendations for some more resources to listen t

We also shared insights on;

  • Some good advice for a first FSBO listing appointment
  • What a real estate coach can really do for you
  • Battling discount broker competition and making sure you give enough quality
  • Circle prospecting systems, particularly MoJo and Z-Buyer
  • How to make sure you’re the number 1 real estate agent in your niche

Be Prepared!

Staying on top of the real estate market requires a lot of skills, and most of the time it’s a lifelong process of learning. Clients expect you to have all the information they need readily on hand – and you might, but you need to also remember that they don’t know what you know. Capitalizing on your knowledge and focusing on the one key area where you can truly shine is the way to success. If you have big ideas, you need to follow them up with a lot of hard work, however it will all pay off once you’ve got successful sales under your belt.

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