It’s easy to get emotionally involved when it comes to real estate marketing. Why do we need to only regard the numbers and not take sales too personally?

Is it a seller’s job to remember that you’re a real estate agent?

In this clip, Tom shares his view on how to ensure emotions don’t affect your sales in real estate marketing

Trial and error is everything. -Tom Cafarella


Takeaways + Tactics

Keep a big database of potential sales.

Only 1 out of 10 people sell at a discount – know what to do when you meet a discount seller and capitalize on it.

Always take advice with a grain of salt.

Staying afloat in the real estate business requires constant innovation and self-motivation to do better every day. Sellers will expect you to know what’s best for them – and you need to combine that knowledge with what’s best for you as an agent. Don’t miss on opportunities for self-development that could give your business a real boost. Part of real estate is about the technology you use in your marketing, but an even bigger part is the constant strive to do better and reach the maximum limits of your potential.