Many agents pass up on lucrative wholesale deals almost every day of their careers. What are they missing in order to capitalize on those deals? What tools need to be taken into account when branching out as an investor? What are the benefits of being versatile in real estate? These and many more questions are answered in this week’s episode with Tom Cafarella, who shares the secrets to his success.

If a marketing tool doesn’t work, it’s because you’re not working the lead or you’re not spending enough time or money on it. -Tom Cafarella

Takeaways + Tactics

Keep a big database of potential sales.

Only 1 out of 10 people sell at a discount – know what to do when you meet a discount seller and capitalize on it.

Always take advice with a grain of salt.


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Don’t Take It Personally

At the start of the show, Tom shared how the integration of virtual ISAs has helped his company hit upwards of 600 – 800 calls a day, and how this has increased their cold calling efficiency. Next, we got a brief tip from Gene Volpe regarding Feedly – a content aggregator from common news sites and RSS feeds, which can be utilized to generate engagement with content. Afterwards, Tom shared his experience with wholesaling and his experience with real estate agents’ reluctance to take on investing. He also touched on why agents shouldn’t take rejections personally and staying focused on the long-term goal. Towards the end he shared his tips on effectively using databases to get sales in the future.

We also shared insights on;

  • His ideas about the Real Estate Mogul podcast
  • Why agents need to be versatile and consider branching out
  • How to reach prospective sellers
  • The role of emotions in real estate marketing
  • Factors to take into account before deciding to invest in a property

Reach Your Potential

Staying afloat in the real estate business requires constant innovation and self-motivation to do better every day. Sellers will expect you to know what’s best for them – and you need to combine that knowledge with what’s best for you as an agent. Don’t miss on opportunities for self-development that could give your business a real boost. Part of real estate is about the technology you use in your marketing, but an even bigger part is the constant strive to do better and reach the maximum limits of your potential./span>

Guest Bio

Tom Cafarella is the owner Ocean City Development that purchases, renovates, and resells properties in the Boston, Massachusetts area. If you have a property, then Ocean City Development may be interested in it – whether it’s a small family house or a 10 unit property. Tom knew he wanted to be in real estate from a very young age and although he has been discouraged a few times down the road, he has now achieved his goal, working with Ocean City Development and buying over 50 properties a year. His work philosophy boils down to: People who like what they do do it better. Read more at

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