What is the routine you should get into the habit of every night?

How does it help you start your day well, and carry that into your business and everything else you do?

In this clip, you’ll learn about the James Colburn’s 5 minute epic evening routine.

If you want to wake up grateful in the morning, how do you set it in motion? You think about it at night. -James Colburn


Takeaways + Tactics

YOU are already enough – you don’t need to chase “enough-ness”.

Freedom happens because you create structure, which builds habits, and those habits create freedom.

Real estate is as simple as talking to people and listening for CHANGE – and social media is a dream scenario for listening for change in people’s lives.

Too often we get lost in the next transaction, and the next deal that we forget about what truly matters. We actually owe it to ourselves to put fulfillment first, and ask the questions that set us up for a successful future. Freedom happens because you create habits, and those habits over time, become things you don’t even have to think about. It’s important to build a life that fulfills you internally. Ask yourself questions at the end of the day, and in the morning, listen for your answer and it will be delivered to you.