What are the five things you should use to qualify whether you want a listing or not?

What should be at the top of the list?

In this clip, Melinda Estridge shares her checklist to help you weed out the listings you would rather do without.

No amount of wizardry can make something sell if it’s priced wrong. -Melinda Estridge


Takeaways + Tactics

When sellers offer too much resistance tell them, “you’re still the highest bidder for your own home.”

As soon as you hit a wall or an objection, you need to go into question mode.

What makes a deal successful is the agent’s ability to set expectations from the start. Your goal is to make the people you work with forever clients, and that means being valuable and being of service. If there’s anything old school that transcends the test of time, it’s the face to face interaction that builds trust and believability. Make sure you don’t sign on with clients that will be time and energy vampires. If it’s overpriced, if they don’t want to stage, if they want to give a 30-day listing, if they are arguing about commission, and they have no motivation, ask yourself if you really want that listing.