A lot of things in real estate have changed and marketing is one of them. How does this relate to how agents generate seller leads? Why is it so necessary to get over the fear of knocking on doors? How do you get in front of people consistently? On this episode, we are joined by Matt Lamont, who shares some great industry knowledge, data and tips.

The goal is to be in front of people as much as possible -Matt Lamont

Takeaways + Tactics

You have to market your business, word of mouth is not enough.

A lot of things in prospecting have a lot to do with fear.

87% of FSBOs end up failing.


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Face Your Fears

At the start of the show, we answered a question on creating a great packet for a FSBO, and Matt Lamont told us the most important thing is to be an advisory asset. He also talked about the power of getting over fear, and why success has a lot to do with knocking on doors and seeing people face to face. Towards the end of the show, Matt shared how agents can start using their system.

We also shared insights on;

  • Why marketing is all about repetition
  • Data and how to use it
  • Why word of mouth isn’t enough


Successful marketing is all about repetition, and people seeing you more than once. When it comes to getting listings, it’s very important to lose the fear of knocking on doors and getting in front of people. The most effective system is a combination of direct mail and door knocking. If you want to invest in Benutech, put 6 months worth of savings away for mailers so you can be consistent without running out of money. If you get over your fear and become an advisory asset for people, you can not only generate leads, you can actually convert them at a high level.

Guest Bio

Matt is in the real estate data industry specializing in finding people motivated by a life changing event that would cause them to sell their home. Benutech makes tools like Rebogateway and Titletoolbox that helps people in the real estate industry target their marketing more effectively. He currently heads up creating strategic partnerships in the real estate space. Go to golistyourself.net to learn more about his work.
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