How do you scale up relationships when it comes to lead generation?

How do you cut down on leads but actually get more value out of them?

In this clip, Buddy Blake shares what people get wrong when it comes to the ISA role and communication.

The thing that will always be the most effective is the relationship and the more of that you can inject into the process, the better. -Matt Johnson


Takeaways + Tactics

Real estate agents get their skill sets and paychecks confused.

Taking an ISA or assistant, the least paid person and putting them in the most important port of contact is a mistake.

When you leave a team, no matter who you are, you are going to go down before you come up.

Swarm marketing is all about creating multiple impression points and communicating with them the way they came in. If you’re looking at scaling, scale the relationship first, then look at scaling by adding leverage and automation. The role of first contact with the lead is a very important one, and it should be taken on by someone who brings the most value. The thing that will always be the most effective is the relationship.