How do you improve your list building efforts?

How do you make your lead magnet strong enough to get email addresses, and how do you target the right people?

In this clip, Gene shares his tips for lead magnets and finding your market.

Every real estate agent has 3 preferred vendors for every single line of work. -Gene Volpe


Takeaways + Tactics

List building: create a lead magnet strong enough to capture people’s information.

FSBOs are never going to like you, they’re trying to avoid you in the first place.

If you’re new, partner with someone who has the seniority you’re looking for.

The art of handling objections comes down to how quickly you can think on your feet, and turn the objection into a chance for you to really bring value to people. It’s all about being confident in that unique thing that you bring to the table, whatever makes you stand out is something you can leverage. It’s all about the value-adds and leave-behinds.