Why isn’t the ISA role getting results to agents and brokerage?

Why is it so important to organize a database to get the results you want?

In this clip from Real Estate Uncensored, Beverly Ruffner shares a key reason that keeps ISAs from being effective.

Every market is going to demand a different kind of lead. -Beverly Ruffner


Takeaways + Tactics

The purpose of an ISA is to keep the pipeline full so you start to see results 6-9 months from now.

Multiple forms of communication are key.

A NO usually means NOT YET.

The biggest problems with ISAs and databases is the leads suck or they cannot be converted. To get what you want out of your database, the first step is getting into communication with the database so you can start qualifying and categorizing people. Send out a mass email and see who you can grab, get in touch, follow up and maintain consistency. Remember, the only way you know what you’re looking for in a grocery store is how everything is categorized.