How do you communicate with people when it comes to FSBOs?

Why is it so crucial that you don’t make the seller feel like they are wrong?

In this clip, you’ll learn about Tom Miller’s FSBO strategy and why it’s so successful.

Never make them wrong, the client isn’t wrong to sell their home, it’s their house so they can do what they want. -Tom Miller


Takeaways + Tactics

Your 1st year in real estate can actually be easier than your 2nd year because you lost the novelty factor.

The people you’re talking to NOW are the people who are going to make a move in the fall.

With FSBO’s you have Educate educate educate on how homes are valued.

When it comes to recruitment and working with people, you need to figure out two important things. Do they want to do the work, and can they do it? For FSBOs, remember to never make the client wrong, because this will make them less willing to work with you. Instead, educate them and improve their understanding. Lead with serving and add real value to the process for you to be the one who gets that listing.